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Following the tragic loss of Turno’s brother, Fabio, to suicide last year, the What’s On Your Mind? (DNB Edit) allows Turno to pay tribute to his brother at shows. Recently receiving heartfelt reactions at Manchester’s Warehouse Project and Bristol’s Tokyo World with packed crowds shining their torch lights and shouting ‘Fabio’ when prompted, the DNB edit will finally drop on 10th October for World Mental Health Day and all profits made will be donated to mental health charity Mind.


The release will also follow the What’s On Your Mind? seminar and live stream on 5th October at Manchester Recording Studios, featuring a panel of industry speakers and artists including Turno himself, Solardo, Ewan McVicar, Hedex, Bou, DRS and more who will expand on their own experiences of coping with their mental health in the industry whilst mental health workshops will be hosted by Zenful Men and Drop The Ego.


Talks and professional advice from those in mental health charities, counsellors, promoters and more will also take place as well as a live streamed DJ set in an effort to raise essential awareness for Men’s mental health struggles and reduce the stigma around opening up. Turno emphasises the change he hopes to encourage as a serious issue that is rarely addressed but has heavily impacted him, his family, and millions of people around the world.


“If this track can get through to our demographic and help even one person reach out to someone before thinking of suicide then we know we have made a difference.”

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Mental Health Music Event & Seminar
Mental Health Music Event & Seminar
05 Oct 2022, 17:00
Whats on your mind? - A dedicated annual event held on mental health week by industry professionals in order to raise awareness for mental health.

The Barbershop - Mental Health

After the suicide of a loved one, the owners of a bedford barbershop take a mental health course to help tackle the issue of male suicide.
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BBC exclusive below:


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